Supply-side advertisement platform

Customer case

Another high load project completed recently was a Supply-side platform that allows web publishers and advertisers manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue.

The main challenge Zentaly team had was creating a high performance system that could perform adverts matching for 20k simultaneous request per second on the one physical server. Platform is suppose to have 100k creative, 1000 advertisers and 1000 publishers and besides the search itself the service engine had to be able to apply flexible set of filters that could be specified by advertiser or publisher based on their business needs.

On the very beginning the customer was provided with the architecture design, working prototype and performance benchmarks. When the project was successfully completed project was completely transferred to the customer’s developers team with the entire technical documentation that allowed to perform its support by the customer internally, with its own resources.

System requirements:
  • 20k requests per second per server
  • Linear scalability
  • Fast lookup inside inventory of 1m creatives
  • Low latency response < 50ms
Technologies Stack:
  • Java
  • Jetty
  • Redis
  • Chronicle
  • Protobuf
  • Gradle