Business Domains

Zentaly in it's heart are people passionate about programming. We seek out hard problems at places that matter and create innovative solutions. As entire world evolves so are our expertise continuously improving to ship products that work today to help deliver predictable success.

Our team expertise spans different areas from most complex financial business workflows for top financial institutions to blazing fast realtime systems with millions transactions per second distributed across continents and working as single intellectual entity.

Our core platform is Java, we speak it as a second native language and do OOP as daily morning workout. Nevertheless Java is not just language but it is a door to even more beautiful world of Scala and Groovy. These languages augment art of programming with power, strength and simplicity like no other what makes them excellent choice for Production systems.

  • We can help your business build something of following but not limited to
  • Financial data processing
  • Complex business workflows
  • Big data management
  • Realtime processing
  • Fault tolerant mission critical systems
  • Cloud distributed applications
  • Startups with millions of users
  • NoSQL databases
  • Domain specific languages
  • Functional Programming