High Load Expertise

In the realtime world of intensive data flows fast timing decisions could be crucial, wether it is serving advertisement or user shopping cart checkout. To serve increasing amount of data business comes to point when buying more powerful server is not enough.

Zentaly provides comprehensive expertise in High Load system design and architecture. Solutions we built for our clients are high performance, fault tolerant, distributed by design and ready for cloud out of the box. Our experts spent years sharpening their skills in High Load projects ranging from world top investment banks to realtime advertisement markets, so we have strong believe that it is one of the most skilful expertise Zentaly could offer.

We can apply our skills in areas where existing solution is no longer able to correspond increasing data traffic and fix it's bottlenecks or build new blazing fast application from the scratch. Resulting product is preciously benchmarked and tested as for TDD principles to provide expected result and meet remarkable quality in high load usage scenarios.

  • Technologies
  • Languages: Java, Scala, Groovy, Lua
  • Web servers: Spray, Jetty, Tomcat, Nginx, WebLogic
  • Frameworks: Spring, Juice, J2EE, Slick, Hibernate
  • Message queues: Kaffka, ZeroMQ, ActiveMQ, Amazon SQS
  • NoSql databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Aerospike
  • Cloud infrastructure: Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean