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Formal definition: enterprise is Data Driven when it is able to incorporate data to empower it's business processes. Instead, most of the companies nowadays are tightly coupled to organisational model, where each department has a very specific role. It usually means that data and its consumers are isolated from each other.

Our team role is to help organisations to integrate enterprise data with people, processes and technologies. This is iterative process intended not to transform company but rather increase data literacy and democratize data access accross all departments.

We are practicing 2AU data strategy (Availability, Accessibility and Usability) which helps to achieve business goals through a short well defined iterative cycles.

5 companies

Made data driven practices integral part of their culture


Decreased number of "clarification" meetings

3 monthes

Average MVP delivery time

  • Features
  • Data adoption points of growth: Instant data access, data as a product, embedded data security
  • Approaches: 2AU, Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Self Serve infrastructure
  • Competetive benefit: Improvement instead of rebuilding